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"Hottest New Attractions "  
     I have been filming in High Definition myself training for my 2008-2009 NPC figure fitness contest schedule. My HD videos are being shot at my local gyms, parks and my home gym. Iím working out with heavy weights & doing cardio or posing, I post 4 to 6 videos a week which equals at least 1 hour or more of video footage every single week.                                           
"Martial Arts"
     I also have taken up the martial arts and I love to post footage of me training & Sparring with any guy who is willing! I have a few clips of me kicking a few guys asses. Donít miss out on these videos. They are so kewl & Funny
"Special V.I.P Video On Demand Requests"
     Has a V.I.P. Member I produce High Definition Video on demand Just for my V.I.P members at no charge. These videoís are recorded at the Fitness center, gymnasium, my studio and private home. My requests include Fitness challenges, weight lifting, Flexing, Posing, teasing ,humility videos & every G or R rated video request
"My Private Reality Video Daily Diary"
     Plus! Be sure to check out my "My Private Reality Video Daily DiaryĒ Watch my personal diary in which I share my inner most thoughts, desires, adventures and escapades everyday. During my Day, I may post 1 to 4 mini videos and give you a super glimpse into my life.
"My Little Workouts For You"
     I offer my little workouts for you to use for your training. I love working out and sharing these little videos I make. I pray that these are helping & motivating you to become a healthier stronger person. Sometimes I feel that God motivates me to make certain videos. Enjoy all I that have to offer you!
"My Figure Fitness Achievements"
     This section of my site is made up of my Figure Fitness achievements.
I just created this section on Nov 1st of 2006....My objective has be adding together all of my video & picture content of my precedent figure fitness achievements in 2007 & 2008. I have a lot of video now & a lot more stuff to add. In addition, I will be adding my 2008 NPC Championships schedule Iím going to bullís-eye for in 2008. Keep on checking back. You are going to love my new content I have lined up for this section
"New Ultra Steamy Advanced High Definition Vdeo Clips"
     Be sure to watch all of my new ultra steamy advanced high definition video clips and view my high definition pictures Iíve uploaded to my fanclub. My exclusive private content has 100s of my personal pictures of me, my favorite bikini beach shots, professional photo shoots, HD pics of me flexing, lingerie shots, photos of me wearing sexy costumes, sexy bikinis and my very hot collection of fashion fitness outfits I wear daily to the gym, and more & more. All of this will be for my V.I.P. members only. Every Week, additionally, I will have an archive of clips from 2008-2009
"Private Live Video & Message Board"
        Be sure to check out my Message Board. You can leave me your personal message on my message board and also you can schedule one on one private live video sessions to get closer to me.
     Help make me a star and I'll be yours forever! (I love to return favors). Or would you like to just get closer to me, get more of me, and get to know me more intimately?

     "You won't believe how much more Fan Club                        


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Links To My HD Movies From My Archive!

  8.2 (Oct. 31 2005)
Simply Hot

 18.5 (Oct. 11 2005)
Me a bad girl

  6.1 (Oct 82005)
believe your eyes!

  23.6 (Sep. 23 2005)
Deltoids' Tiger Claw Flex

7.24 (Sept. 8 2005)

  8.1 (Jul. 22 2005)
Fetish Fanatics

  7.24 (aug. 8 2005)
Construction Block

  4.2 (Aug 21 2005)
Sex on the Beach

  12.0 (June. 8 2005)
Little Miss Naughty

  7.28 (Jul. 8 2005)
Playmate of the month
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